Turn off the hose and bin your scrubbing brush!

There are so many things around your home and business that need cleaning but it all seems like a lot of hard work. The best solution is to hand those jobs over to the experts at Aaqua Ffresh. We have the equipment and experience needed to tackle any cleaning job.

You have better things to do than cleaning and do you really want to be handling chemicals on a project that you have never tackled before? We have been pressure cleaning for many years so we know what chemicals, if any, are required, what pressure to use and have all the height access equipment needed.

Below are some of the things we regularly clean.

  • Driveways – remove mould, dirt, oil, stains exhaust grime
  • Paths – remove mould, dirt, food stains, pet/ bird deposits
  • Pool Surrounds – remove mould, dirt, food stains, pet/ bird deposits
  • Fences – remove mould, dirt, stains, exhaust grime
  • Walls – remove mould, dirt, insect dirt, bugs, stains, exhaust grime
  • Eaves – remove mould, dirt, exhaust grime
  • Shade Sails – remove mould, dirt, bird droppings, exhaust grime
  • Machinery– remove mould, dirt, oil, stains exhaust grime, droppings, bugs
  • Car Parks – remove mould, dirt, oil, stains exhaust grime
  • Play Equipment – remove mould, dirt, stains, food, drink stains, exhaust grime

If you have something that needs cleaning, then we are here to help you. Our expert advice will ensure you get exactly the result you are after. If you are not sure if we can help just call us anyway and together we can work out the best solution for you.

Take advantage of our experience

Pressure cleaning sounds simple but when you combine high powered water, with chemicals, and often at heights, you need an expert to be in control. At Aaqua Ffresh we have been cleaning commercial and domestic properties for 22 years and have total knowledge of all cleaning processes.

Our aim is to provide a great end result every time in a professional and safe manner. If something is not right, or may cause damage to your property, we will advise you and work through a solution. You will receive an amazing end result every time.

From experience we know the correct chemical concentration, pressure and nozzles to give the best cleaning outcome. We also take into consideration waste water run-off, your gardens and lawns, and ensure your home is left looking as good as new.

Our professional, best practice, process is outlined below.

  1. When you call us we will discuss what your problems are and what result you are looking to achieve. We will also talk potential issues and how we can work around them.
  2. We will, if needed, arrange a site visit to check on what you need cleaned, the surface type, the contaminants on the exterior and condition of the exterior surface.
  3. With this information we can plan what chemical concentration and pressure balance will clean your item without damaging the surface. We can also plan where waste will travel and ensure your home and yard will not be affected.
  4. We provide you with a fixed price quote with no hidden surprises.

Package and Save $$

If your home has more than one dirt or grime problem, why not package them up and save some money. If we are already onsite fixing one area, then adding another service is a lot cheaper. If your house needs washing, then add on a roof and gutter clean. If your gutters need cleaning, then add on a water tank clean. You will be surprised how little it costs for the extra services.

You can even add on your neighbour’s house washing, driveway clean, or water tank clean and you both will save money.

If its dirty then pressure cleaning from Aaqua Ffresh will make it look as good as new. For professional service and the right advice Call today on 0419 667 251.